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Escort Augsburg

Augsburg – The Beautiful city with Beautiful women.

Augsburg is a beautiful city with beautiful women in Swabia, Bavaria, Germany. It is around 50 kilometers west of the Bavarian capital Munich. Augsburg is the capital of Swabia and the second oldest documented city after Trier. This city is very famous among many people all around the world because of its historical places and lovely Escort ladies Augsburg. Augsburg is also known as the city of peace. Therefore a large number of tourists visit here every year. It is a regional seat of Regierungsbezirk Schwaben and a university town. There is an impressive Altstadt which is a historical city Centre. However, there are many institutions in the district of Augsburg. It is an urban district and if we talk about the population of Augsburg, there are almost 300,000 inhabitants, with 885,000 in its metropolitan area. Thus, it is the third largest city in Bavaria, Germany.

Experience the History of Augsburg with Diori Escort.

Romans founded Augsburg in 15 BC. At that time its name was Augusta Vindelicorum. They named this city after the name of a Roman Emperor i.e. Augustus. However, it is one of the oldest cities in Germany after Cologne, Neuss, Xanten and Trier. It became a free imperial city in the 13th century (from 1276 to 1803). Augsburg developed into a significant centre of trade in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries.

However, the most famous Welser and Patrician Fugger families (who dominated European Banking in the 16th century) were also residents of Augsburg, Germany. These families were the wealthiest and most influential for an intact century. In 1513, Jakob Fugger founded the oldest social housing complex in the world i.e. Fuggerei. Moreover, Fugger founded the first welfare settlement in the world from 1516 to 1523. In Augsburg, Emperor Maximilian I held a parliament (i.e. Reichstag) and created a political stage for himself here.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, bankers of the imperial state financed the emperor and the city became the first-class centre for art. Thus these centuries were called the golden age of Augsburg. Moreover, Augsburg became known all over the world with the works of silversmiths, scientific equipment and printers.

Moreover, from 1573 to 1664, Master builder Elias Holl influenced Augsburg’s architecture. He established many big and famous buildings like Zeughaus, City Hall, The Rotes Tor and the Stadt Metzgerei.

However, if we talk about the Famous Citizens of Augsburg, it contains the following names:

  • Jacob Fugger the Rich
  • Rudolf Diesel
  • Leopold Mozart (father of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart)
  • Helmut Haller
  • Bert Brecht
  • Hans Holbein The Elder
  • Matthäus Lang von Wallenberg
  • Magda Schneider

What makes Augsburg the Industrial Center of Bavaria?

However, as we have discussed above, Augsburg is the 3rd largest city with a high population. Therefore, it has developed into a significant center for industry in Bavaria. There are a large number of institutions in Augsburg like:

  • Diocese center in Augsburg
  • Universities
  • The seat of the Chamber of Commerce in Swabia
  • Center for exhibitions and conferences
  • The seat of the Bavarian state office for environmental protection
  • Bavarian center for environmental competence
  • The seat of the Chamber of Crafts in Swabia

Moreover, if we talk about Data system technology, some of them are:

  • PLG AG (IT services)
  • Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH (personal computer)
  • OFS Bright wave Deutschland GmbH (cable)
  • AKDB (data processing)
  • NCR GmbH (hardware, software)
  • Beta Systems Software AG (document management)
  • BÖWE SYSTEC AG (paper management systems)

Regardless, next are Mechatronics/Mechanical engineering companies in Augsburg Germany are:

  • WashTec AG (car wash technology)
  • Manroland AG (printing presses)
  • KUKA Roboter AG (robotic systems)
  • GmbH (exhaust systems, catalytic converters)
  • MAN Diesel SE (diesel engines)
  • MTU Onsite Energy GmbH (engines)
  • Renk AG (transmissions and gear units)
  • Faurecia Emissions Control Technologie, Germany

However, there are only two Aerospace at this moment i.e.

  • MT Aerospace AG (Ariane, Airbus)
  • Premium Aerotec GmbH (Airbus, Eurofighter)

Moreover, there are many further large companies in other branches are:

  • Textiles: Freudenberg Haushaltsprodukte KG (trademark Vileda)
  • Chemistry: PCI Augsburg GmbH
  • Cosmetics: Dr. Grandel GmbH
  • Paper manufacture: UPM GmbH
  • Pharmaceutical products: betapharm Arzneimittel GmbH
  • Weltbild GmbH, media group Pressedruck (Publishing group)
  • Osram GmbH (fluorescent lamps and tubes)
  • Laboratory services: syllabi Augsburg GmbH

Famous Places or Sights to visit with Escort Augsburg.

However, as we have briefly discussed in the top paragraph, there are many historical places in Augsburg Germany. Therefore most people came here from every corner of the world to visit these sightseeing places and spend quality time with their family and friends. Some of these famous sight-seeing places in Augsburg Germany are:

The Fuggerei:

This is the world’s oldest housing scheme located in the city of Augsburg. It was launched by Jakob Fugger in 1513. However, from that time to this time, people are still living in this beautiful housing scheme. Accordingly, it consists of almost 140 apartments and approximately 150 persons are living in The Fuggerei right now. However, it is facing some financial hardships.

Augsburg Zoo:

This is the favorite place for visitors who are here in Augsburg along with their families. However, there are many unique and imported animals from all around the world in this zoo. Thus it is highly recommended to you if you are here with your family.

Augsburger Puppenkiste:

This is the marionette theater in Augsburg Germany. However, this is the hottest visiting spot for tourists and children. In this theater, theatrical adaptations of serious pieces and fairy tales are held.

Augsburg Botanical Garden:

This is an Indian Botanic Garden where you will be able to see every kind of rare flower found all around the world. However, you will be able to see Pandanus (plants of the screw pine genus), bamboo, orchids and palms in this Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden. Moreover, it is a perfect spot to spend quality time with your loved ones.


It is a baroque palace in Augsburg Germany. However, the exhibitions of arts are held in its beautiful Rococo Hall. If you are an art lover and enjoy going to art galleries then it is highly suggested to you. You will be able to see beautiful and famous art from all around the world here.

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