Euro Youth Hotel Munich:

Hotel youth has been one of the leading and finest hotels in the hotel industry since the year 1880. The building of the hotel has 58 rooms and 6th floors with ancient architecture and a classy built interior with a wooden staircase, Comfy wooden handmade beds, Free toiletries (a bathtub, a shower, a washbasin.) Rooms also include free Wi-Fi, a plasma TV, a luggage storage option, attached via a lift, non-smoky, hygienic, and a family-friendly environment. Additionally, priority and value to the customer by 24/7 front desk support from a humble, polite, and multilingual staff. Rooms are cleaned, secured, and monitored through CCTV cameras. For entertainment purposes café bar, Lounge, a concert hall and you can call an escort or party girl for you in this amazing high class hotel from any escort service provider which is available 24 hours and can bring you a beautiful slut. For musical events, happy hour (charges are applicable), pub crawls, and other indoor games (for family) are available. Rooms are ideal for a couple and available for 1-7 persons. One of the best-rated hotels on the internet with positive guest reviews.


Wi-Fi: Yes

Address: Senefelderstr. 5, Ludwigsvorstadt, 80336 Munich, Germany

Distance from Munich airport:29.4km

Distance from Threesien weise (oktoberfest site):

Pets are not allowed