Munich is one of Germany’s most popular tourist attractions, particularly during Oktoberfest. It is well-known for its long history, FC Bayern football team, and beer, among other things, as detailed in our post about the most interesting fun facts about Munich.

Munich is one of Germany’s largest and most visited cities, and it is where two of our VoyEdge RX excursions begin. These include our Prague to Munich journey and, of course, our fall Budapest to Oktoberfest excursion. Additionally, Munich is a historic city, from its football team to its dark history, Oktoberfest customs, Germany’s beer purity rules, and the 1972 Olympics. Although some of Munich’s most legendary occurrences are simply too numerous to cover in a single blog post, for today’s exercise, I wanted to take a few seconds to detail some of the more odd amusing facts about one of my favorite German cities, Munich with the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen here whom you can hire in a very budget price for your private relaxation as an escort companion to your hotel room or in your apartment and have a very nice dinner date on your trip.

The Bavarian culture, the white-and-blue flag, traditional clothing, and the Oktoberfest are manifestations of a metropolis frequently reproduced throughout the world but originate in Munich, or Munchen, as the Germans call it. However, seeing the city and becoming acquainted with its sights and history will only teach you a fraction of what Munich has to offer (and there is A LOT), so here are some of our favorite, fascinating facts about Munich that you probably didn’t know before reading this post.

Beer is Taken Very Seriously in Munich - PROST!

#1 Beer is Taken Very Seriously in Munich – PROST!

Beer is officially classified as a food in Bavaria. There are around 60 beer gardens in Munich where you may enjoy a nice drink during the summer along with your private escort sex slave. Augustiner Bräu, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Hacker-Pschorr Bräu, Spaten-Franziskaner Bräu, and Paulaner Brauerei are the six largest breweries. At the very least, pay a visit to one of them.

The world's largest beer festival

#2 The World’s Largest Beer Festival

As you may already know, Munich hosts an annual event dedicated entirely to beer, the famous Oktoberfest, which begins in September and concludes on the first weekend of October. However, you probably were unaware that Einstein worked at Oktoberfest. Einstein, then 17, was erecting the lights at the Schottenhamel tent in 1896.

Additionally, be cautious of the escalators during Oktoberfest, as they speed up considerably. To manage the massive crowds during Oktoberfest, they changed the escalator speed, allowing guests to move from point A to point B more quickly to enjoy more of the festival with pretty callgirls.

Surfing In Munich

#3 Yes, Surfing is Permitted in Munich.

In the heart of Munich, the Eisbach flows, a branch of the Isar River that goes past the lovely English Garden area. Each day, river shredders form a queue to ride this icy wave. If surfing isn’t your thing, stay in the English Garden; there’s plenty to discover there and take your GFE escort with you too for more fun and a perfect company on the beach.

#4 BMW’s Birthplace

Munich is home to one of the world’s most recognized automobile manufacturers, BMW – which stands for “Bayerische Motoren Werke,” or Bavarian Motor Factories. You can also visit their museum at their offices (they have their ZIP code), where you can learn about the company’s history, see retro models, and learn about upcoming initiatives.

The hill in Olympiapark is constructed entirely of WWII-era rubble

#5 The hill in Olympiapark is constructed entirely of WWII-era rubble.

Numerous visitors climb the Olympiaberg to take in the 360-degree views that stretch to the Alps on a clear day. However, few are aware of the Olympiaberg’s past. Between 1948 and 1957, Munich’s Olympiaberg was constructed entirely out of WWII-era rubble.

The Disneyland Hotel

#6 The Disneyland Hotel

While on vacation in Bavaria with your wife or with your girlfriend or you have hired an escort slut for some erotic fun, Walt Disney visited Neuschwanstein, a nineteenth-century castle built by the previous King of Bavaria. He was so taken aback by the structure’s magnificence that he reimagined it and incorporated it in several films, including ‘Sleeping Beauty. Even if you are not a 5-year-old girl who idolizes Cinderella, this landmark will captivate you!

Munich, The Birthplace of

#7 Munich, The Birthplace of? 

Around 40.000 pigeons live in Munich. They are primarily seen in areas such as the Marienplatz or Karlsplatz Stachus. Occasionally, you can even find them while waiting for your subway.

Munich is also home to one of the world’s most renowned automobile manufacturers: BMW. A BMW Museum is also dedicated to the brand’s history and automobiles. Among the fascinating Munich facts: BMW has its ZIP code, 80788.

Munich owns some locations and attractions dubbed “the largest globally.” You can attend the Oktoberfest, the largest folk festival in the world. Learn something new about history, science, and technology at the Deutsches Museum, one of the world’s largest museums. Take a picnic, swim, or stroll in one of the world’s largest inner-city parks and make a date with some hot fascinating sexy women: Englischer Garten (English Garden). Alternatively, unwind in Erding, near Munich, home to the world’s largest hot spa.

History of Munich

#8 Interesting Facts About Munich’s History

One of the most amusing Munich Facts: If you look closely at the paintings inside the Heilig-Geist-Church, you’ll notice a characteristically Bavarian figure among the other religious figures – a man holding a pretzel.

The so-called pretzel rider is a one-of-a-kind figure in the history of Munich. He was a horseman who rode across the city at night, distributing bread to the needy. However, the tradition ended in 1801 when the horseman ran out of bread, and the crowd became enraged; an enraged mob beat him to death.

In Munich, the “Jugendstil” architectural style was formed. Numerous Jugendstil structures can be found in the city districts of Schwabing, Neuhausen, and Haidhausen.

Finally, but certainly not least, the most shocking fact about Munich’s history: the city’s oldest structure is not a church or a palace, but a restroom. Workers discovered a toilet dating from 1260 during archaeological digs at the Marienhof.