Forget the clichés about the Bavarians in leather pants meditating on their mug of beer! Certainly, traditional outfits are cult in the capital of Bavaria, especially during the big festivals. However, this University City has perfectly managed to bring a revival to its history. It’s a city on the move, breathing the joy of living in a setting made of architectural gems and natural surroundings. It is a city of contrasts where street art has the same value as ancient painting, where gourmet restaurants are close to unusual bistros. Easy to reach with TGV and ICE, it is the perfect destination for a city break. The discovery of the city begins upon your arrival, the central station is in the heart of the city. The meeting place for tourists but also regulars? The Marienplatz, this space in front of the town hall and its famous puppet clock. Impossible to ignore this square. 50 museums of all kinds and of course the Escort Munich makes Munich a city of art. If you are alone in this city then you should hire a tour-guide escort from our agency the Diori-Escort. Our Escort Munich would not only give you the tour of this beautiful city but will also take you on the best sexual trip of your life by the end of the day in your hotel room.

Luxury hotels offer exceptional comfort in Munich. Because here they privilege the size of the rooms, the noble materials, the personalized Design as well as the swimming pools and the spas. In other words, it’s about avoiding anything that knocks good quality in a way. Living in Munich has made a selection of some luxury hotels that could most meet the criteria of the luxurious lifestyle. The idea is thus to help you find the right shoe – or bed in your pajamas.



The most famous in the category of the best luxury hotels, the Bayerischer Hof is on the top. This massive 5-star hotel has been in the same way from the last 100 years, or maybe more than that, which is very rare in the hotel industry all over the world. Professionals from all over Germany come to Munich and stay in this hotel, and they highly reward this hotel and the staff members. The Bayerischer Hof is known as one of the best hotels in the whole world. However, the Bayerischer Hof does not stand out for its reception. You would be amazed to see the 377 rooms which are all completely personalized, a sophisticated, nostalgic, or modern style. The hotels have a total number of 74 suites and have areas close to that of an apartment. It is around 100 m2. That of the top floor is 350 m2. A one night stay could cost you around a modest sum of 15,000€. This hotel has several services which you and your private whore can enjoy. This luxurious hotel offers 6 bars, 5 restaurants, around 40 conferences, and reception rooms, spas, swimming pools, which are designed by none other than Andrée Putman, and this hotel also has a jazz club. Pretty amazing right? You don’t need to be a hotel guest in order to get these services, you can just pay and enjoy these services anytime. The terrace of Bayerischer Hof offers a breathtaking view of the city of Munich. Try to go there at the end of the day with your partner and enjoy the best view of the sunset.



This hotel is authentic and very well located! One of our favorites is the Hotel Louis, which is ideally located in the hyper-center on the Viktualienmarkt in Munich. It is the most lively and typical Munich market square. This is a 4-star hotel which is particularly recommended for frequent travelers and tourists who get bored with only functional and regular rooms, these rooms are very spacious, and it is covered with quality parquet and carpets, and the furniture in every room is made of precious wood and the finishes are mind-boggling. This is a pure form of class. In winter the lounge fireplace is a gift and gives a French touch, in summer it is the long terrace, which allows brunch with pleasure with the love of your life. Our advice would be to ask for a room with a view of the Viktualienmarkt. And if you’re going to this hotel for dinner, then you should definitely try the Japanese cuisine.



The most sophisticated hotel in Munich would be the Charles Hotel. Among the 5-star luxury hotels is the oasis of pleasure in the heart of this city. This hotel in our opinion is a real gem and the best place to unwind. Is it because it has taken the place of the old university library and it also overlooks the old botanical garden in Munich. The indoor pools are so nice, and it also has the longest inn, in the city, and to its spa, which both provide a remarkable zen atmosphere in Charles Hotel. The bedrooms are bright and vibrant.

Our tip for you is to ask for a view of the Alte Botanischer Garten. In summer enjoy the Biergarten of the Park Café located in the botanical garden.



Right next to the central station is a massive building from the Wilhelminian era It is the German architecture from 1890 to 1918, which houses the splendid Sofitel Bayerpost hotel, and the legacy of this building continues until the reception of this 5-star palace in Munich. Volumes and materials of the common spaces diffuse a mineral harmony balanced by the roundness and the colors of the furniture in every room of this hotel. This particularly studied Design is completed by a very professional service, which allows a perfect relaxation.

Take our advice and do visit their spa and their gym, the lounge of this hotel is also the best place to relax.



The most recent hotel, among the luxury hotels, is the Roomers Munich. A new hotel which was just opened in late 2017 in the Westend district of Munich. The setting of this hotel is the old urban style and the hotel gives you immense comfort. The rooms are made of materials such as some of the finest marble, wood, and leather. Some rooms even have a Jacuzzi on the balcony and you can enjoy the view of the city. The attentive and charming staff, the attentive service, and the very upscale IZAKAYA Japanese restaurant. This refined restaurant is already very popular with Munich residents.