Munich is known for their beer, but if you came here only looking for traditional Bavarian beer, you’re seriously missing out! I know, what I just said is a crime against Munich, but trust me, if you dig a bit deeper past the touristy spots and the major six breweries, you’ll find a thriving, exciting nightlife and party scene in Munich. The nightlife and bar scene is easy to miss, and often the streets seem dead on the weekends, but hidden throughout the city are some fantastic bars and nightclubs, you don’t want to miss. Whether you’re a tourist passing through looking for a good time or a Munich local wondering where all the best nightlife spots and events are, we got you covered. We will lead you to rooftop bars for creative craft cocktails, unique microbreweries for Bavaria’s craft beer, local distilleries and spirits, the best dive bars, annual events, and into the depths of Munich’s nightclubs to end the night. Germans and Bavarians, especially, take their drinking very seriously. Now, this doesn’t mean get hammered, puke all over your travel buddies and go balls to the wall, this means drinking enough to have a great time, but usually doing so responsibly. You can always spot the tourist as they stumble out of the beer halls and end up in the back of a police car or the guy that was puking outside my window on my neighbor’s car a few weeks ago. So, try and hang with the professionals and keep yourself in check. Germans are generally in good spirits when drinking, it is important to keep your fists down and bring your comradery. Munich, in addition to, is one of the safest in the world, and there are also hazards turning at night. In areas where the majority of nightlife in Munich is located south and west of the city. In these areas there are many places to have fun, drinking and dancing in many different kinds, from electronic music to metal. The districts of reference for nightlife in Munich are two. The Schwabing and the Glockenbachviertel.

The Schwabing is located at the university campus and is where the nightlife is more alive. The bars and clubs are located along the streets Hohenzollernstraße, Leopoldstraße, and Feilitzschstraße. This is an area served by Metro to late night: the nearest underground stations to Schwabing are Universitat and Giselstrasse. In Glockenbachviertel alternative venues are in Munich, and the neighborhood is gaining more and more popularity among the inhabitants, Thanks to the opening of new pubs and discos. Other important places for nightlife in Munich are the Kultfabrik, a former industrial area full of disco-pubs, Gärtnerplatz, a stylish square where is a theater and other venues, and Ostbahnhof, where there is a wide choice of nightlife, between pubs, discos, and restaurants.

The Pacha in Monaco is a subsidiary of the famous disco Pacha Ibiza. This elegant club offers themed nights and “after-work parties”, all with the best DJs of the moment. A reference point for the nightlife in Munich. The two dance floors are separated by a movable wall. Once the wall rises, professional dancers come out on the runway and the party begins. Champagne or sparkling wine is the beverage in this club.

The P1 is the most famous club of Monaco, an elite place frequented by celebrities and rich people, as footballers, entrepreneurs, famous models, and other VIPs. The club is located in the basement of the Art Museum in Munich (Haus der Kunst): the exterior is very elegant, with several columns and classy decorations, While its interior is sober and roomy: the P1 can contain 9.000 people and inside you will find a pizzeria, a bar, has more ballrooms and tables areas. Attendance and music are great. For tourists, it is very difficult to get, because of strict selection at the entrance (There are bouncers at the entrance of each Club Monaco): access is granted only if you have the right look, a good portfolio or the right friendships, so dress elegant! The P1 nightclub is open all week, and on weekends is almost impossible to get.

The Atomic Café is a small alternative disco located in the Centre of Monaco, walking distance fromHofbräuhaus and from Marienplatz. The clubs are frequented mainly by students and by alternative people. TheAtomic Café is together a live club, a disco, and a cocktail bar, and its atmosphere is in 60’s style, with large sofas at the edge of the dancefloor. Here you can dance until late at night to the strains of the most famous international DJs. The music ranges from electronics to Drum and Bass, until the 60’s music. The club organizes a themed evening “Britpop Wednesday”, and two or three concerts per week.

Kultfabrik (former Kunstpark Ost) is a former industrial area, located close to Optimolwerke in the western part of the city, reconverted in 1996 amusement area and 15 years reference point for nightlife in Munich. The Kultfabrik It is spread over an area of 60.000 MQ completely dedicated to nightlife and entertainment, occupied by more than 50 locations, nightclubs, and bars of all kinds: discotheques, private clubs, pubs, restaurants, cinema, concert halls, exhibition halls, and recording studios. The Kultfabrik It is, in short, a real nightlife district: they are accessed through the main gate with the large lighted sign “Kultfabrik” and, once you are inside, You can roam among the small streets, full of bars and clubs of all kinds, from Russia to the Mexican, among restaurants and live concerts. Here everyone can find more suits his! This became the gathering place for young people and for many young people who want to spend the evening dancing, listening to live music, drinking the Bavarian beer. The entrance to the premises is subject to charges, usually around 5-10 euros, but there are also bars and clubs with free admission, usually very small. Be careful because some clubs make the selection at the entrance and require treated clothing.