The term is used for bdsm practioners of bdsm,where one involves in infliciting pain and otherone happily and willingle recives it. The duty of sado/saidist is to derive pain on a submissive one and the  masochist refers to those who likes and anticipated to get suffered/humiliated. Altogether,they are called as sadomasochism. This terminology is represented in bdsm scenes. All bdsm practitioners need these nessecary steps of seduction, controlling and satisfying their opponent. From historical perspective,this sexual stimulation is part of human culture and were practiced in previous times.It was also considered as consensual disorder,mental disability,taboo and painful bdsm act.Every normal person will not cause damage to their genitals or any other parts of body.People who are associated with any stigma can harm their selves due to their hopeless,un-meaning ful or depressed life. There could be several reasons. You must not practice them .Its better to be safe,either in normal roleplaying games where goldenshowers,CIM,CIf are unhygienic ,contains series of stds and stis OR in bdsm where the torture ,teasing force and pressure is applied on genitals and erogenous zones.The orgasm/climax has different dimensions in soft and rough sex games,For better results,share your ideas,fetishes ,desires and interests with your partner and act accordingly. you can try different positions,moves but should be careful while making approaches.The sadomasochism enables you to tie a knot between you and your partner.The sadomasochism is of two types,tangible and intangible.both acts are enticing and involves pain factor but in  intangible sadomasochism,you verbally abuse and trigger your opponent,Follow subservient roleplaying .This is similar to grimmy talk in traditional games.Its a fact that communication plays a vital role during erotic encounter.It helps us to express our emotions,love ,feelings infront of our companion in foreplay,boosts our libido /stamina and prepare us to proceed for an encounter session.Its up to you,you can also switch your roles.vice-versa ,top becomes bottom and bottom becomes top,This will be a new and unique thing,and can spice up your session.