Social gathering is the group of two or more people.people can be gathered socially for different perspectives and reasons.There are many social gathering ideas,you can search them on internet.There are several events that are celebrated around the world and people participate in them as a volunteer and guests.Annual ,religious ,political ,economical, etc ,Events have a broad spectrum ,planned and  arranged for different can also organize an event like social  awareness,masquerade show,cooking party fashion shows,seasonal events,holiday parties,bridal and baby showers.Each of them has own categories and represents people interests an prefrences.Events can become special .memorable and unique if you plan them properly.How to attend social gatherings.Every social gathering has particular set of rules,principles and criteria.Both formal and informal social gatherings has own domain.If you are attending any of them,you must be aware about some tips.Behaviour,attitude are the parts of our personality.We should represent ourselves properly in social gathering,Dressed up well,show morals and etiquettes,be punctual on arrival ,Communicate politely with host and invited ones in the party.These points are very important.Our personalities have different spectrum,some are extrovert and can easily interact and mingle with the people while introvert likes to be in their selfstate.The term of being social if brought to sex industry,then you can find many large group based events that are staged and organized to kill our exotic dreams and desires.Orgy,is one of them ,In orgy different homo,hetero,and bisexuals physically indulge and perform sex with each other,the venue can indoor or outdoor and planned according to their opinions and choices.In orgy you have many opportunities ,you can explore your kinks easily ,participate in different role playing games.These games are highly exotic and filled with lust ,pleasure and excitement.