So the main question is, why do men like transgender people?

Did you know that in most cases, men who sleep with a transexual are not gay? To prove it to you, we suggest you visit this site: Chaturbate site entirely dedicated to transsexual lovers, most of the men who go there are heterosexual.

In relation to this new sexual preference, you might wonder if these men are really straight, bisexual, or even gay? So the answer to this is that these men are called trans oriented. Today there is a wide variety of sexual orientations. If there was initially LGBT, other forms of sexual preferences like the queer movement was born. And concerning trans oriented in particular, it is not yet defined if they are queers or LGBT. But what is certain is that between the trans-oriented, there are still several segments:

Bisexuals: Among bisexuals, attraction to a transexual or a transvestite is very common. Indeed, very close to pansexual, the preference of bi people are very varied. There are those who love real men and we also have men who are in between (loving both trans and gays).

Heterosexuals: For them, they don’t identify trans people as gay. So mentally, they don’t think they’re doing homosexual practice when they sleep with a trans. Therefore, among heterosexuals, we especially like trans people who have gone through the surgery box because very few are those who love transvestites. Also, in addition to having intimate relationships with no tomorrow, some heterosexuals can have a romantic relationship with a trans. And it is above all they who are classified among the trans oriented. However, after having a couple of relationship with a transgender, an individual of this type could re-enter a relationship with a real woman.

Queers: even if it generates a lot of debate at the moment, some queers could also be trans oriented. As it is a very broad and very open gender identity, a queer man could certainly have sex with a trans. And to prove this to you, you only have to see queer porn and see for yourself that there is indeed frolicking between queer and trans.

Why would a man become trans oriented?

Many trans-oriented men do not even know this term. But there is when there is a valid reason for a man to love having sex or dating a transgender.



It sort of makes sense. When a man is homosexual, he would rather seek to have relations with another virile man instead of a transgender. So technically, trans people aren’t meant for them, but straight people, right?


Trans are deemed to be ‘more naughty’ than women

Even if a person is transgender and has already performed surgery to look like a woman, there is still a part of a man in him. And that’s what trans oriented people are looking for the most. Indeed, during sexual intercourse, for example, a trans could know better satisfy a man compared to a woman. And it is very logical because, to know the wildest fantasies of men, you have to be one. Besides that, a trans is also more tender and more understanding. Unlike a relationship with a woman, if you go out with a trans, there is less tension. So if you are a kind of man who is into trans then you should waste no time and get yourself the hottest trans escort from our agency the Diori-Escort. Our discreet escort agency provides the best trans escorts in the whole of Munich. These Escort Munich comes in the category of elite escort in Munich because of the way they carry themselves and have an amazing aura. You would be delighted in their company and they would do anything to make your stay in this city memorable. No questions asked, they would do exactly what you tell them to do and would please you in the sexiest way.


What do our clients think about the trans escorts after having sex with them?

Even if we do in-depth research and long analysis, we would never be able to determine the why of the subject if we did not question those concerned. To summarize this article then, let’s read the opinions of our clients regarding having sex with our trans escorts.


Jake, 24, business student

“I find that trans escorts are one of the most talented escorts in the escort industry. Like many men, I also used to watch porn with trannies sometimes. And to fuel my curiosity, I even happened to take a look at a sex cam site where there are only transsexuals. However, after getting the real opportunity to sleep with a trans, I must say that they are the most tender and loving escorts and I would not hesitate to sleep with them again.”


Paul, 26, Plumber craftsman

“If you let me choose between a woman and a trans, my choice would be the trans. I wouldn’t hesitate a single second to jump it. But preferably, it must be a real trans and not a transvestite because there it would be too gay for my taste. After having sex with the trans escort I don’t think I would ever want to be in a bed with a woman.”


Mark, 25, unemployed

“From experience, I think if you want to have a quick hit, it’s better to switch to trans. During the evenings, I always tried to make myself a woman for a leg game in the air, but it was with a transgender that I was able to succeed in this coup. I always wanted to have sex with a trans, you can call it curiosity but yeah, I wanted to. so when I hooked up with a trans escort last month, my mind was completely blown because of the way that escort made me feel, I never felt that kind of affection with any girl.