Life of an Escort and their Escort Experiences

I am open with two friends: the one who is in my university and another friend who isn’t in the industry but has proven to be a stable source of support throughout the years.

Being closed about my job is a choice, not a necessity. The friends who don’t know I’m certain will accept it; they are creative and liberal in their views. The decision to keep mum has more to do with sustaining this duality––keeping my job and life separate. I’m not a big fan of talking about the people I meet or the things I do with them; it feels like a violation of what they’ve been promised in the exchange, which is discretion. We as callgirls are not very comfortable in sharing our Munich Escort experiences but I am glad I never had a bad experience with any of my clients in fact most of my escort experiences were nice.

Escort sharing her Escort Experiences as a Sugar baby

My name is Stella and I am a 22 and I work part-time as a sugar baby with Diori-Escort. My shifts begin at six and end at twelve; this means the earliest possible appointment can start at six and the latest start at twelve. That is why most nights I don’t get home until one or two, depending on where the client lives and what he likes. I like working the nights I have school; this de-clutters my weekend plans. The client last night proposed dinner at seven, so I was picked up by the Diori-Escort’s driver at six-thirty. I got to the client’s apartment, kissed him hello, excuse myself to the loo, where I picked up the envelope full of cash on the hallway table. I called the driver, which allowed him to know that I’m safe and I would be done exactly five hours after we hang up, so he knows when to pick me. My escort experiences are usually pleasant as these sugar daddies love a young blonde escort taking care of them. The client I was with last night is a nice man and I have been meeting him on and off for the past three months. He took me to the Japanese restaurant because he knows I love sushi. I’m truthful about opinions. We don’t touch each other in public. To everyone else, it probably looks like he’s catching up with the daughter of an old friend.

Then he took me to his apartment and I always let him initiate the first touch––most of them like to know they’re in control of their teen escorts and this experience, and I’m a petite escort enough to play submissive convincingly. Most of these sugar daddies enjoy simple pleasures––a naked woman, an attractive one, is often enough. Those who are kinky will say so––I’ve peed on clients, whipped them, been slapped and choked by phalluses of both fleshy and plastic construct, but they have always asked me first as a matter of consent. I straddle him and pummel those spots in an attempt at massage, though his soft snoring indicates satisfaction. He never forced me to have sex with him, and most of the time he just liked to watch me naked and talk to me. The driver called at exactly 12:03 am. We kissed goodbye; and I promised to let him pick the restaurant next week.