Lederhosen is an important outfit to the German populace. Its presence dates back to the 18th century and some articles say that it has been in German Fashion since even before that. If you are new to Germany than this is the kind of fashion you will see traditional German wearing. It’s a sign of elite fashion because of the times it dates back to. Over time it has been accepted as a sign of true German heritage and it is due to this reason that the lederhosen has become so significant in Germany. From where to get traditional Lederhosen in Munich The local escorts in Munich tend to find a man greatly attractive if he’s wearing lederhosen. This is why many men tend to opt for this fashion because it sets them right in the books of the hottest ladies in town. There are many different brands that sell lederhosen in Munich, but if you want to get the traditional leather breeches than there are some brands that you may want to look towards.


Loden-frey is one of Munich’s most revered establishments. It is a well-respected chain of department stores with its store in the center of the city. It boasts an extensive selection of clothing of the finest fashion. If you are into old fashion from the 18th century than they have you covered. Loden-Frey hosts exclusive brands of Germany if you are into the culture and traditional fashion of Germany. From intro-level outfits to designer brands, they have their feet planted firmly in all aspects of the fashion industry. Traditional lederhosen is one of the specialties you can find here.

Steindl Trachten

They are a company that knows what the German populace wants and are often charged with pushing the boundaries of old and new fashion. The lederhosen you’ll get from this brand are surely going to turn your Escort Munich in ways she hasn’t been before. Due to the proficiency with which they operate, they are one of the most popular brands to get traditional German clothing with a unique twist.

From where to get traditional Lederhosen in Munich – Trachten Rausch

This is a small traditional outlet that is quite proficient at what they do. They are fully equipped to provide an assortment of services to international clients and local. This shop provides a detailed look into the style, common fashion, the upkeep and production of traditional lederhosen, and much more. From where to get traditional Lederhosen in Munich They are equipped to prepare reasonable clothing of Bavarian fashion based on the customer’s finances. This ability sets them apart from other establishments in the same industry and enables them to appropriately take care of their customer base. If you are in Munch and you want to impress your escort then this is the outlet to go to get the kind of lederhosen you want!

From where to get traditional Lederhosen in Munich – Bavarian Outfitters

If you’re the kind of person that wants to try out the traditional manner of lederhosen as a way to indulge in the German culture but are not ready to fully commit then you do not need to worry. This outlet has a rental facility which you can use to your advantage. This facility is available to all foreigners so if you are someone on tour from another country than you are in luck! From where to get traditional Lederhosen in Munich The price of renting traditional lederhosen is almost a quarter of what it would cost if you had gone for the option of purchasing it. There is a facility of booking your outfit online and a store as well if you were in the area and wanted to make try it on first. Most companies charge you extra for second-day rentals but with Bavarian outfitters, the cost of second-day rentals is almost half of what it costs to buy it.


If you are short on budget but still want to try out the culture and what it means to the Germans than this department store has you covered. There are many department stores that are continuously working out ways to provide affordable clothing to not just locals but also the tourists that come to Munich to try on what Germany brings to the table of style and fashion. These department stores often have limited options in size and variety but are affordable to the T. So if you are in town for the fashion, be sure to check out these brands and stores to get in the good graces of the German ladies.