When people come to the City of Munich to enjoy their time, they often think that this city is going to be hefty on their pockets. However, if you are someone who’s been planning on making a trip to Munich than we do not want you to feel left out if you’ve got a tight budget. Rest assured, by the end of this article you’re going to know some pointers on how to enjoy your stay in Munich without ever worrying about breaking the bank. How to enjoy Munich in less money There is a common misconception about Munich and it’s affordability, and that is that there is none. It is quite possible to not only enjoy your stay in Munich but also indulge in the promiscuous potential this city has to offer.

Affordable sightseeing

If you are planning on visiting the sites that make this city what it is in an affordable manner than there is no better way than getting a city tour card. By getting this card you can make sure that you visit all the important sites with a special discount that will allow you to roam freely without ever reaching for the wallet to look for what’s left. If you are with a local Escort Munich than it’s going to be even more enjoyable because you’ll get a tour guide to walk you through the basics of the city as you go along. You can also enjoy an additional discount of up to fifty percent at local restaurants, historical landmarks, and shops listed in the tour booklet.

How to enjoy Munich in less money – Cheap lodging

By staying where locals are you can bet you’re going to save a ton on lodging that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Local residential areas ensure tourists that they will have a place to stay in Munich even if they’re short on budget. Munich’s public transport to and from residential areas will enable you to travel efficiently to Marienplatz square for some rejuvenating sightseeing. A fairly relaxed residential area by the name of Laim, located about five km east from central Munich has the famous Nymphenburg Palace and Hirschgarten beer garden as well.

How to enjoy Munich in less money – Inexpensive eating

There are many restaurants that you can make use of on your excursions if you want to enjoy affordable eating with your beautiful companion. The Café Neuhauser is one of these amazing restaurants. This restaurant is all about enjoying the finest pizzas Munich has to offer. They are made in the finest wood-burning oven that creates the sort of aroma that will make your mouth water. Every Tuesday night you’ll be able to enjoy their famous XL pizzas that are gigantic for the price of the regular-sized pizza. If you want to fill up your stomach at half the price than this is definitely one of the places to go to.

The SchinderStadl is another great restaurant where you can enjoy the finesteats in town. It is a beautiful beer garden that is situated directly at the Flaucher. It’s also a great spot to swim at if you wanted to beat the summer heat. It can be considered as a kiosk with a beer garden that you can access all year round. In the winter you can sit on cozy lamb fur and sip on some hot wine. It is definitely one of the more affordable pieces of heaven in Munich that is open and accessible for everyone.

The Dean & David have ten locations all over Munich. Over here you can have the opportunity to create your own salad! They also have an assortment of various smoothies and sandwiches that you can enjoy at affordable prices. This is one of those places that are known for their affordability and it is due to this reason that it is so popular with the locals and tourists.

Live performances

The Gasteigserves various purposes. It not only hosts the Munich philharmonic orchestra but also serves as a training ground for students in the field of music and theatre. This means that you can enjoy some seriously good music for basically nothing at this venue. Free concerts areoccurring at different roomsincluding the philharmonic stage as well. It’s mostly chamber music and piano recitals so if you are into that sort of music than you and your local escort will greatly enjoy it here!