The term masochistic stands for those who loves to be inflicted by a pain. The sexual gratification can be achieved in many ways. Opposite term of maso-chistic is sado or sadistic. Before getting into a relationship, you inspired and addicted towards your opponent because of intimacy, physical appearance or etc. There could be so many reasons. So the masochistic factor is observed and practiced in different couples. They love to be treated ,facilitated and fascinated from each other One sends and performs ,spanking teasing, mental and physical torture on  different areas of others body especially genitals, the most sensitive area of our body and his partner receives all these acts happily. The pleasure and fetish, altogether ,they both relate to each other and people plan, respond according to them that’s why they always try several things to spice their encounter session. The sado-masochism factors requires attention of your beloved companion, Before proceeding further, Always  discuss and communicate with your opponent. Ask each other interests, favorite positions then put your potentials, prepare your self and then perform an activity. The masochistic personality traits are different from normal people. Being a masochist, there are many methods for you. You can use handcuffs, ropes, and other bdsm toys and can induldged with your opponent in different wax plays, blind fold games and other bdsm scenarios. The masochistic behavior is considered as immoral/taboo or inappropriate for some peoples but there are still some groups who are fond of this activity. According to survey, The masochistic person may have mental issues. It is kind of paraphyllia and para-normal activity so it would be better to consult a doctor and to seek a proper treatment and meditation. Mostly those gentlemen who are muscular, are masochistic, girls will physically attract and likes to have relation ship with or hire them for an encounter session. These male escorts are also hired for the purpose of adult entertainment. The sadist and masochist both can receive real ,meaningful and no-string attached sex if they understand, gives priority to each other interests and preferences.