Munich- The Elite City of Germany

Germany, a country that has seen many ups and downs throughout history, with the great depression and World War Ⅱ, it has suffered extremely economically and socially. But as of now, Germany is one of the seventh most travelled country in the world. Possessing its alluring castles, grand museums, lively bars, and delectable cuisine, Germany is a place where a lot of people are turning to settle on or tourists are attracted to visit to. That being said, Munich is one of the top-class city of Germany, famous for its stunning architecture and Oktoberfest. Around 70 million people approximately visit Munich each year. If you have the money to spend and craving to have the best experience of your life, Munich is the city to go over to see. It will be the memorable trip of your life!

Sightseeing in Munich

Munich houses a lot of sites to explore and visit. There are many cathedrals with their gothic and elegant structure that are absolutely not to be missed; Church of Old Lady, Theatine Church, and Church of the Holy Spirit are few to name. Besides the churches there are charming castles with their breathtaking landscapes, some of them are Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau Castle, and Linderhof Palace. If you are a beer lover there are six famous breweries of Munich, which sell delicious beer, or why not visit the pubs or bars of Munich. Namely, Tap House, the Keg Bar, and Rattlesnake Saloon etc. As many architecture buildings Munich has, it also has many museums where history of the city is exhibited. Deutsches Museum is the biggest museum of science where 28,000 exhibitions are displayed.  Hellabrunn Zoo is most renowned zoo in Europe, housing 757 species with 19,000 animals on 89 acres of land, where elephant house and the ape house and worth to check out. Why not enjoy a picnic in the Olympic Park where you can participate in numerous activities like zip-lining and roof climbing? If you looking for a great time, have a look at Madam Strip Club and enjoy lap dances with stunning and luxurious strippers.

Munich, a City of Romance

Munich, where there is countless romantic locations to tour, it is hard not to fall in love. If you looking to experience a romance, why not hire an Escort in Munich to make it captivating. Munich has top-notch escorting services where customer satisfaction is the top priority, where plenty of girls are waiting to be hired by you to appease your every requirement. Tall, short, fair, dark young or mature, whatsoever appeal to you. Along with these lovely escort take a stroll in the English Gardens. Explore the Opera House situated in Max-Joseph Platz, where countless plays are performed every day. If you like to take her shopping, travel to Fünf Höfe, with 64 branded stores and posh restaurants and cafes. There are many elite hotels with exclusive rooms where you and your dazzling partner can have an arousing evening with every positions you can ever imagine. If you looking to have extravagant vacation Munich is the destination for you, where you can unwind and let yourself go.