The Top Public Parks in Munich Germany 

There is nothing better than a great summer day in a public park. The picnic is not a new concept and it allows the people to have the ability to make sure that they are able to remain within their house and there is nothing for them that is more useful. On the other hand, there are also many who are aware about what are best avenues for them to make use of these public places in a time during the COVID lockdown and travel ban. Here are some of the best places that make the Munich one of the best options to live and visit:

  • The Nymphenburg Palace:

This park is historic in nature there are many other attraction than just open spaces and grass. The place is maintained properly at all times. In the tough season of the COVID lockdown the place has not lose its attraction at all. There are some historic statues that are placed with a little distance. It would also allow the visitors to take care of the general hygiene in their stride.

  • The Hofagarten:

It is one of the most frequently visited places in the region. The presence of the street hawkers makes it easyer for the people to find the food easily. It is a great place to visit alone or with family members. This park is escort friendly and you can walk here with a gorgeous Escort Munich. This makes the place a whole lot better than many other places. In the autumn season the entire place is covered with orange and yellow and leaf which add even more beauty to the scenery then before. The place is ideal for summer time picnic in all seasons expect for snow.

  • The Hirschgarten:

The main reason that this park has so much popularity is because a number of Hollywood movies are shot here.  The place is the epitome of the German architecture and building practices. It also makes up for a lot of things that are absent in these place and that allows them to get an insight into the work that would help them take great pictures when they are visiting the place. There are also many well placed benches alongside heavily covered trees. Anyone who wants to spend a quiet noon would be able to make this place a better option.

  • The English Garden:

This place is not like any other traditional parks. It joins the other cities with the Munich. The place is spread for miles and at every entrance there is a checking poll. The place is used by the people who like to move around on the by cycles and they are living a healthier life style. The office worker in Germany try to minimize their carbon foot print by having to ride on the bike and they are able to go through the park to make sure that they are getting their morning workout without having to attend the Gym.


The city of Munich is filled with vast grasslands and public parks. There are very little places where the people have to pay a toll free. There are always things like ice cream trucks and some small playground for children. In this manner, it feels like great ideas for the people to went to the said place and find some peace.