The Schwanthalerhohe district is the most populated in Munich. The Westend district is well-known for its unique character. The district is home to the Statue Bavaria (an ex-exhibition center) and several beautiful parks and If you’re a big breast lover, there’s no need to spend an evening alone. Diori Escorts can provide you with sensual, professional busty escorts that will leave you thrilled time and time again. 

Ludwig Schwanthaler was the artist who gave the district its name. He created the massive statue of Bavaria in which she is dressed in a bearskin and holds an oak wreath. Next to her, the lion, the Bavarian heraldic beast. The statue is 18 meters high and towers above the Theresienwiese, just at the border of the Ludwigsvorstadt. It was made from 1560 hundredweight of ore, which came from sunken naval combat cannons. You can climb the Bavaria from the inside, offering a spectacular view of the city. Leo von Klenze built the Hall of Fame, a three-wing Doric columned marble hall. It displays the busts of outstanding Bavarians. 

There are signs of change at the Schwanthalerhohe: While extensive cooperative settlements in the Westend have been the district’s image for many years, new residential areas and green spaces are shaping the district’s appearance, particularly at the former exhibition center. 

Over the last 30 years, the economic structure has changed. With it, the appearance of the district has also changed. It is trendy but far enough from the bustle and bustle of the center. 

The Augustiner-Brau brick building, which is the oldest brewery in Munich, and the Hackerbrucke, with its unique view of the tracks, are two striking places. 

Bavaria Park, along with a series of smaller squares, provide greenery in an otherwise densely developed area. In 2006, the newly designed Georg-Freundorfer-Platz won the prize of the Living City Foundation for the best playground and leisure area in Germany. Quartiers Platz was also opened on the former exhibition grounds in 2010. It offers families with children a refuge with playgrounds with water, slides and trampolines, as well hammocks, pendulum chairs and green spaces.