Upper Bavaria

Oberbayern, German: Upper Bavaria is one of seven administrative regions in Bavaria, Germany.
Upper Bavaria can be found in the southern part of Bavaria and is centred around Munich. It can be subdivided into four regions, (Planungsverband), which are Ingolstadt (Munich), Bayerisches Oberland, Sudostoberbayern, and Munich. It is called “Upper Bavaria” because its land is higher than the rest of Bavaria and not because it lies further north.

The Upper Bavarian coat-of-arms consists of two Bavarian symbols, the Bavarian white and blue lozenges. (bayerische Rauten), and the Bavarian Lion (pfalz bayerischen Lowe). Upper Bavaria is a core part of the Bavarian wittelsbach chen territory. It is also the largest area and most populous current Bavarian administrative region.

Due to historical reasons Upper Bavarias population is traditionally catholic, there are 70 % Roman-Catholics (romisch-katholisch) and 17 % protestants (evangelisch-lutherisch), according to data from 1987. This is because Upper Bavaria was once part of the old-Bavaria wittelsbachischen region (Altbayern), which was governed by the House Wittelsbach, who was catholic. The people from this region were either catholics or converted to Catholicism during the so-called Gegenreformation, a rigorous reinforcing of Catholicism. 

Upper Bavaria is the heart and soul of Bavaria. Oberbayern is its opposite. It is a magical area of lush forests, meadows, winding roads, and jagged peaks. Oberbayern is full of festivities. Every few weeks, there’s another annual Fest or event. August and September are the best months to visit as the weather is more predictable and the beer gardens have their full swing. People in this area have a great balance between hard work and socializing. They also enjoy relaxing and playing.With the curvy look being more popular than ever, Curvy Escort are in high demand. Their bubbly personalities, shapely figures and passions for life make them ideal date companions. See below for our huge list of the Best Curvy Escorts Munich  has available.You won’t be able to see this in one visit. It takes time to truly understand.