Konradstrasse, also known as Landesstrasse, are roads in Germany or Austria that fall under the control of the respective federal states. This term can also be translated to “state road”. These roads cross the boundaries of an urban or rural district (Landkreis oder Kreisfreie Stadt). A Landesstrasse, while less important than a Bundesstrasse/federal road, is still more important than a Kreisstrasse/district road. It is legal to classify a road as a Landesstrasse (Widmung). Konradstrasse can be found in Bavaria, Saxony, but not in the Free State of Thuringia. 

The kilometrage can be seen on signs placed along the roadside in white letters with black letters. These signs are called location signs (Stationszeichen) and replace the former kilometre stones. So-called hub (Netzknoten), numbers are used to indicate the beginning and ending of a Landesstrasse. This makes it easy to locate the location in case of an accident. The sign’s upper portion displays the hub numbers and indicates their direction. As shown in the photo, No. The sign at the bottom of the photograph has 6608 039 to the left and 6608 023 towards the right. In the bottom right-hand corner of the sign can be seen the so-called Stationierungsrichtung or direction of signage. It indicates the direction in which the road kilometres are counting in the example. 

This new system, which has been in effect since 2007, divides Lower Saxony’s Landestrassen into sections numbered 10, 20 and so on. The location signs (Stationszeichen) comprise two panels. The location panel (Stationierungstafel) displays the name of the state (Niedersachsen) and county letters (e.g. Kreis WF is at the top. The road number and letter are below. L 627. The classification panel (Klassifizierungstafel) shows the section number, kilometrage and direction of the start hub (e.g. 10 Abschnitt, 2,0 – 0,0 The letters OD signify a location post within a village or town and can be displayed at other locations than on a white posting. Nearly all of the 8,000 kilometre posts along Lower Saxony’s konradstrasse were replaced by the end 2008